News Should Be
Informative, Impartial, Accessible

Myst uses AI to compile many articles across a wide spectrum of sources to provide headlines which give you a complete picture of each story.


Headlines on other news sites are often intentionally vague, speculative, and emotional (collectively 'clickbait') in order to drive traffic to articles and fuel their advertising business models.

Myst's AI models are trained specifically to generate headlines that have more details and context. While this means our headlines are slightly longer, we believe this tradeoff is worth the time savings compared to reading entire articles.


Individual news sources and articles have political biases which portray the facts of each story through a certain perspective. In many cases it's simply due to the personal biases each of us hold.

Myst 'reads' 10 articles from a wide variety of sources across the political spectrum to find the commonly agreed upon facts. Myst's models are trained to follow a WHO, WHAT, WHERE format to focus on what happened and reduce bias.


The clickbait nature of most headlines leads to either an incomplete understanding of the story, or a time consuming process of reading through articles. Many news articles are also paywalled.

By making headlines informative, Myst aims to reduce the need to read articles and, therefore, save you time when consuming the news. We are also committed to providing free access to our headlines, exploring other, ethical ways to support Myst.